Christmas Special $25 till dec.24th !!Mister 360 RROD RED Rings Repair in 45 MINUTES OR IT'S FREE
That's right if i don't fix it in 45 minutes then you get your repair for free! I am the fastest, Cheapest and most reliable on kijiji so why pay more?!! 6 months warranty on unopened system's!! If i cant fix it you don't pay!!
RROD - Red rings of death $35
Drive read errors -$35
Hard drive errors $35
Power brick repair- $35
Call 226-777- and you must drop off your sytem with cables and pick it up!! Call anytime Repairs are available till 2am!!
I do not Damage your warranty sticker and i Have the permanent fix that nobody else has!! I do not do the x-clamp fix as it is not a fix - I do not simply reflow the gpu- i do not use the Q-tip trick- I do not use a towel wrap - i do not do a fan mod - But what i do is adequately address the cooling flaw design issue and resolder the gpu and cpu! What else is anyone going to offer you on here? Hmm Maybe some of the methods i listed above? Yes and these methods are a temporary fix that actually damage your system more- ask any of these other xbox or ps3 "Repair guy's" on kijiji what they do please i encourage you- ! That is what you will not get from me! I will repair your system properly!!